20 November 2012

Piotr Rudnicki has died

Piotr Rudnicki, a developer and proponent of the influential Mizar system, died on 17 November, aged 61.

26 October 2012

And we're now using git, btw

That latest release of HOL4 was built from our git repository at github. Working with git has been a real pleasure, and the github issue-tracker has wormed its way into our workflow as well.  The sourceforge page is still our public face.

Latest HOL4 released

HOL4’s latest version (Kananaskis-8) has been released.  You can get it from Sourceforge.

The release notes are available there.  There’s nothing hugely dramatic, but there are annoying bugs fixed, and some nice new examples to look at too.

Maybe the next release will be the dramatic change that will justify adoption of a new lake moniker...